1. The aim of this policy is to declare the commitment of Three Stone Chambers (“Chambers”) to promoting and advancing equality and to set out the practical steps that Chambers takes to further this commitment.
  2. Chambers shall provide an environment in which members, staff, pupils and those dealing with Chambers are treated fairly and respectfully. It opposes unfair or unlawful discrimination in any form, including by reference to race, sex, pregnancy and maternity, disability, marriage or civil partnership, age, sexual orientation, religion or belief, gender reassignment, or any other types of discrimination which the law prohibits. Chambers opposes victimisation and harassment and is committed to making reasonable adjustments to prevent disabled persons from being put at a disadvantage.
  3. Members and staff shall uphold the principles of equal opportunity and diversity. Applicants for membership, employment, pupillage and work experience shall be treated fairly and shall not be the subject of unfair or unlawful discrimination. Decisions regarding membership, work allocation, recruitment and selection, promotion, training, pay, disciplinary action and any other matter shall be made objectively and with those principles in mind. Where an individual has a disability, Chambers shall comply with its duty to make reasonable adjustments.
  4. Chambers adopts the policies set out in the following policy documents:
  5. The Equality and Diversity Officers are currently Adam Chichester-Clark and Emma Knight. Anyone to whom this policy applies who believes that they have suffered any form of discrimination, harassment or victimisation shall be entitled to raise that concern and should follow the Grievance Procedure.

March 2023