1. Three Stone Chambers (“Chambers”) is committed to ensuring that all members of Chambers and pupils receive equal access to and fair allocation of work, marketing and networking opportunities.
  2. To that end:

a. The allocation of all unassigned work to members of Chambers shall be carried out in a fair and equitable manner.

b. All clerks involved in the distribution of work, marketing or networking opportunities shall be briefed on the importance of fair allocation.

c. All clerks will periodically attend formal equality and diversity training.

d. Marketing and networking events and activities will be organised so that all pupils and members of Chambers can, so far as practicable, be involved and that opportunities are shared out fairly.

e. All clerks will be made aware of the legal requirement not to comply with any request or requirement by solicitors or others to discriminate on unlawful grounds in the selection of a barrister to fulfil instructions and to refuse the work if the request or requirement is not withdrawn.

  1. All members of Chambers, clerks and members of staff are required to comply with this policy. Failure to do so will result in the implementation of Chambers’ Grievance Procedure.
  2. In the first instance, complaints regarding the implementation of this policy or the treatment of any member of Chambers or pupil in any matter which relates to the allocation of work or of marketing and networking opportunities may be raised with the Equality and Diversity Officers who will attempt to resolve the matter informally. Formal complaints should be made under Chamber’s Grievance Procedure.

March 2023