Three Stone is a leading set of chambers specialising in insolvency law, covering both corporate and personal insolvency matters.

Our clients include esteemed entities such as banks, lending institutions, accountants, major corporations, and bondholders. Our members represent a broad spectrum of stakeholders, from liquidators, bankruptcy trustees, and supervisors/nominees, to debtors, creditors, directors, and bankrupt individuals.

Our expertise covers:

  1. Corporate Insolvency:
    • Liquidations, including provisional liquidations
    • Compulsory and creditors’ voluntary winding up
    • Public Interest and Secretary of State petitions
    • Administrations
    • Receiverships
    • Voluntary arrangements
    • Informal work-out solutions
  2. Personal Insolvency:
    • Personal bankruptcy cases
    • Individual Voluntary Arrangements
    • Debt Relief Orders and Moratoria
  3. Antecedent transactions and asset recovery under the Insolvency Act 1986
  4. Administration of insolvent estates
  5. Directors and Office Holders:
    • Misfeasance, breach of duty, and fraud prevention
    • Directors’ Disqualification cases
    • Functions and duties of officeholders
    • Discharge and termination matters
  6. Global Reach:
    • Cross-border and jurisdictional considerations
  7. Specialized Cases:
    • Offshore insolvencies and Hedge Fund involvement

Members of our insolvency team are regular contributors to insolvency publications from the key legal publishers, including the leading practitioner text on personal insolvency, Schaw Miller and Bailey.

Three Stone is committed to providing expert advice and representation in all areas of corporate and personal insolvency law. Contact us to harness our expert knowledge in this complex legal landscape.