Upon accepting instructions our clerks will agree the basis upon which the client is to be charged for the work to be done. In some cases, we will charge on an agreed hourly rate, which will be set by reference to the nature of the case and the experience of the barrister instructed. In other cases, we will charge a fixed fee, agreed in advance with the client. These are Chambers’ two most commonly used pricing models for legal services.

For advocacy services a brief fee (plus refreshers, where appropriate) will generally be agreed (This is a fixed fee). This will be based on the nature of the case, the likely length of the hearing and the experience of the barrister instructed.

Our clerks appreciate the need to be flexible in their approach to fees and are happy to discuss a wide variety of fee arrangements. This includes conditional fee agreements (also known as “no win, no fee” agreements) in appropriate cases.

Unless our barristers are charging fixed fees or a fixed hourly rate, you are invited to discuss the level of your fees with us in terms of your particular case and personal circumstances. For more information, please contact the clerks.

Timescales for handling a case may vary depending on factors such as a barrister’s availability, the type and complexity of the case, the other side’s approach, and Court waiting times. We will endeavour to provide you with estimated timescales in respect of each stage of the case.

We also suggest that you consider legal insurance, both whether you already have it and whether you should take it out. Please visit Legal Choices (run by legal regulators and make information available to assist consumers). Alternatively, please discuss it with your barrister.