Daria is a highly demanded junior with a thriving commercial chancery practice. Her expertise is broad and varied, encompassing civil fraud, contentious trusts and estates, art and cultural property work, company law, insolvency, property law and a full range of domestic and offshore commercial disputes. Daria is also able to advise and represent clients on issues of public law and planning, especially those arising in the broader context of commercial and insolvency proceedings.

Daria very frequently works with lawyers and clients from other jurisdictions and advises and acts in matters involving international and conflict of laws elements. She is accustomed to working closely with foreign lawyers and addressing issues of foreign law.

She appears in the county courts, the land tribunals and in the High Court and in arbitrations and mediations, both as sole counsel and part of a larger team (she has, on occasion, been led by no fewer than 4 silks at once, on the same case). She frequently appears as sole counsel, often against silks, or silk and junior teams, in high-value and complicated matters.

Daria also has extensive appellate experience, having worked in her early days at the Court of Appeal as the judicial assistant of Sir Terence Etherton (then the Chancellor) for a full year and having since acted in myriad appeals, both as appellant and as respondent.

She has been described by clients as “a fantastic advocate”, “fearless”, “extremely persuasive, especially on difficult issues”, “a rottweiler in court”, “a clever and impressive tactician”, and “an all‑round superstar”. Her drafting, especially skeleton arguments and pleadings have been described by clients as “superb”, “very impressive” and “a work of legal and literary genius”, with many clients saying they were “delighted” and “over the moon” with the results obtained by Daria and a returning client being “always confident that she will get me the best result”.

Daria often receives praise from the judiciary, with a High Court judge remarking that “Ms Gleyze’s clients sailed close to the wind. But Ms Gleyze’s eloquence persuaded the trial judge and she has also persuaded me on this appeal”. A senior judge also commented, in allowing 3 times more in costs than the cap imposed by the rules: “I found Ms Gleyze’s skeleton and submissions extremely helpful and I consider her fees justified in their entirety”.

Art and cultural property

Daria has significant experience representing clients in contentious and non-contentious matters in art and cultural property law. She advises and provides representation on all aspects of this area:

  • ownership and title disputes;
  • acquisitions and disposals;
  • attribution, provenance, condition;
  • authenticity and forgery allegations;
  • fraud and negligent misrepresentation (particularly by/against auctioneers, dealers, brokers, galleries)
  • agency and commission agreements;
  • borrowing and lending against art, including bills of sale;
  • damage to goods and issues arising on the export or import of goods;
  • insurance claims;
  • art in the context of wills, trusts and probate;
  • insolvency aspects affecting dealings with art;
  • public law aspects relating to art and cultural heritage, particularly judicial reviews.
  • conflict of laws and international/EU law.

She has acted in disputes involving artists, sculptors, foundry owners, high-net-worth individual and institutional collectors, art and antique dealers, internationally reputed auction houses, art galleries, valuers and independent advisors and insurers underwriting fine art in the London market and overseas.

In addition to having a keen personal interest in art, antiques and fine wine, Daria is uniquely well‑placed to advise on personal property law, securities and bailment issues arising in this area, as she has led the Law Commission’s projects on Bills of Sale and on Intermediated Securities. She also drafted the Goods Mortgages Bill, for which she conducted in‑depth academic research and worked closely with government departments (including the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport), core stakeholders in the art lending market and leading experts on financing secured against art, antiques and cultural property. This Bill set up a new and improved regime for granting security on goods, with a streamlined procedure facilitating high net worth individuals borrowing against their art and antiques, and, importantly, an electronic central register of charges over goods.

Daria’s notable cases in this practice area include:

  • a claim (ongoing, Ch. Div.) for over £1.6 million for the loss of sculpture moulds and sculptures (including bronzes) authored by acclaimed UK artists such as Philip Blacker, Simon Gudgeon, Heather Jansch and Geoffrey Dashwood brought by the owner of a foundry against the former landlords of its commercial premises. Daria successfully argued that the claim should be discontinued against the estate of one of the landlords and obtained costs for the estate. Daria continues to represent the other landlord and various partnerships alleged to be involved;
  • Santina Ltd v Koopman Rare Art [2022] EWHC 3513 (Ch) (ongoing): seeking rescission and damages against one of the world-leading antique silverware dealers on the basis of fraudulent and/or negligent misrepresentations pertaining to the provenance and auctioning history of a pair of early 19th century French silver-gilt soup tureens, as well as to the method of calculating the dealers’ commission;
  • Leaver v (1) G Sarti Antiques Ltd; (2) Mr Sarti (2020-2021, CLCC & Ch. Div.) – Daria acted for the successful claimant against a renowned international gallery and an art dealer in an authenticity and misrepresentation dispute relating to a 19th century bejewelled Russian casket. Daria appeared as sole counsel against a team of silk and junior counsel;
  • advising an international artist in a dispute with a museum in relation to a cross-border loan of a conceptual piece of light and sound art and assisting the artist in recovering compensation for damages caused by the museum’s negligence in installing it;
  • advising and drafting proceedings in respect of a dispute with a world-leading auction house concerning the loss, and the value, of a fly-leaf authenticating a watercolour from a famous collection – Daria’s negotiating skills and advocacy helped secure an extremely satisfactory settlement for her client;
  • advising a high-net-worth collector on the terms and conditions of the sale of his classic car collection;
  • advising and representing (thereby securing a substantial judgment in her client’s favour) an institutional collector in a dispute over an agreement for the purchase of several limited edition motorcycles from a famous Formula One motor manufacturer.

Daria is a member of the Institute of Art and Law (via chambers), a Frieze VIP member and a regular attendee at international art fairs and exhibitions.

Civil fraud

Daria’s core specialism, which permeates her other areas of practice, is civil fraud in the context of commercial litigation. She has extensive experience of multi-million claims involving allegations of deceit, conspiracy, breach of trust and asset tracing, often with cross-border elements.

She is well‑acquainted with the specific challenges these claims present, being used to working with IT and accounting experts in respect of asset recovery. She is regularly instructed to both seek and oppose freezing and proprietary injunctions and disclosure orders and to seek Norwich Pharmacal Orders, Bankers Trust Orders, gagging orders and other forms of interim relief, including on a “without notice” and “worldwide” basis.

Uniquely for a junior advocate specialised in complex fraud matters, Daria has significant cross‑examination and witness handling skills, which she acquired in frequent multi-day county court and High Court trials.

Daria has prosecuted and defended matters involving serious allegations of dishonesty and fraud in a large variety of areas: art and antiques, property development, joint ventures, trusts, media and entertainment, biotechnology, energy, sports, IT, transportation, cryptocurrency etc.

She frequently appears unled against silk and junior teams and senior juniors, usually in multi‑party litigation where her clients are facing attacks on all fronts. She is experienced in managing fraud proceedings from pre-action to enforcement and in advising on strategy and commercial implications. She has particular experience acting for the defendants and respondents to such claims, to whom she provides effective tactical advice.

Daria is a member of the Female Fraud Forum.

Daria’s notable cases in this area include:

  • A v B [2022, ongoing, Commercial Court]: acting for the defendants to a claim in deceit and forgery (in effect claiming a Ponzi scheme) for approximately £11 million brought by investors against the defendants, who had contracted to organise a series of concerts with renowned global music artists. The defendants deny fraud and argue that several contract terms are unenforceable as they are penalties. Daria has appeared as sole counsel in several interim applications against Jonathan Cohen KC, Stuart Sanders and Alastair Tomson.
  • X v Y [2022, ongoing]: advising and drafting proceedings for the proposed claimant in respect of a claim worth in excess of £2 million for fraudulent misrepresentation and deceit by the property developer in respect of the sale to the claimant of a high value property in a conservation area which had been built in breach of planning permission.
  • Taylor v Virgo [2022-2023]: acting for the claimant suing on a guarantee. The defendant claimed that the parties had entered into a different version of the guarantee, which the defendant had in reality forged. At trial, Daria obtained not just judgment for her client and costs on the indemnity basis, but also a finding of fraud in the absence of the defendant, based on her submissions on the expert evidence available.
  • Savelyev & others v Gordons Solicitors Ltd & others [2021, ongoing, Commercial Court]: representing the director of a company defending a claim alleging that he is personally liable for an international fraud to the tune of approximately £1 million, and that he procured breaches of trust and of contract. The other defendant are the solicitors of the company, accused of negligence in issuing a letter of comfort. Daria has advised on a novel point relating to the extent to which the claimants could use disclosure obtained in separate proceedings. She is currently representing the director on an application to strike out the claim, which is listed for a 2-day hearing.
  • Al Otaibi & others v Sloane International Developments 1 Ltd (BVI) & others [2020, ongoing, Ch. Div.]: acting for the defendants to a claim for over £1 million brought by high-net-worth Saudis who invested in large London property developments sold by the first defendant, a BVI company. The claimants allege fraud, conspiracy and knowing receipt of trust monies by all defendants and seek to hold several individuals personally liable as directors and shadow directors. Daria successfully argued (unled against Andrew Bird KC) that the claim against the main defendant should be stayed in favour of arbitration and that the claimants and their solicitors committed egregious breaches of their duty of full and frank disclosure in applying for permission to serve abroad. Daria also succeeded in obtaining extensive historical disclosure from the claimants. The claim continues as against the UK defendants.
  • Alhaidey & others v Chohan & others [2019, ongoing, Ch. Div.]: representing the defendants to a claim for over £1.5 million by high-net-worth Middle Eastern investors alleging that the UK property developments they invested in amounted to a Ponzi scheme by the defendants. The claim included wide-ranging allegations of deceit, conspiracy to defraud and knowing receipt of trust monies by offshore companies, which was listed for a 2-week trial. Daria represented her clients in resisting successive applications for extensive disclosure and provision of information over 2 years. Eventually, judgment was entered against the defendants without any findings of fraud. Daria is currently advising and representing the defendants in respect of enforcement.
  • X v Y [2022]: advising a potential claimant linked to cross-border allegations of multimillion money-laundering and bribery in respect of a suspicious activity report, tipping off under POCA and drafting an application for disclosure and an injunction against a leading bank to oblige them to release the client’s monies or disclose the reason for holding up the transaction. Daria’s advice led to a successful outcome.
  • Fouad & others v AMTC Ltd & others [2021-2022, Commercial Court]: a claim in fraud, unlawful means conspiracy, knowing receipt, dishonest assistance, unjust enrichment and breach of fiduciary duties relating to a deposit of £1 million advanced under a facility agreement between the parties and a counterclaim of some £2.5 million for alleged breaches of the facility agreement. Daria has acted as sole counsel and represented the defendants at 7 substantive contested interim hearings (being applications for freezing and proprietary injunctions, relief from sanctions, release of funds, inter partes disclosure, third party disclosure against banks, amendments to pleadings etc). In particular, Daria was successful in resisting the wide-ranging proprietary injunctions sought against her clients and in persuading the Court to release most of the defendants’ frozen funds.
  • X v Y [2021]: advising and representing a claimant in a claim in deceit for some £1 million in respect of the purchase of a residential property. The defendant had purported to sell the property but in fact arranged only a short‑term lease and was about to disappear from the jurisdiction. Daria prepared an application for a worldwide freezing injunction, a proprietary injunction and a passport confiscation order which led to a successful outcome.
  • Corbett & another v Touch-less Hygiene Ltd & another [2019-2021]: representing the franchisor in claim brought by franchisees under the first “touchless disinfection” franchise in the UK. The franchisees brought a claim alleging fraudulent misrepresentations in the franchise prospectus and in relation to business projections (ironically the franchisees terminated the franchise just prior to the pandemic, when business flourished). Daria successfully defended at trial inter alia on the basis that the prospectus and projections were “mere puff” or “salesmanship” and therefore incapable of founding an action in deceit. Daria won at trial (with costs on the indemnity basis) and on appeal.
  • Raf Estates Ltd v Hill & Standard Developments Ltd & others [2019-2020]: representing the defendants to a claim for commission pursuant to an alleged undertaking and for alleged fraud and conspiracy to defraud. Daria successfully obtained summary judgment on the basis that the claim had failed to particularise the allegations of fraud and illegality and showed no prospect of success. The Court agreed with Daria that the claim amounted to no more than “mud-slinging” against the defendants and made a significant costs order in favour of Daria’s clients.

Company and partnership

Daria is a versatile advocate who commands a strong company and partnership practice, with a particular focus on unfair prejudice petitions, derivative claims and shareholder/member disputes. She frequently advises and represents clients in contentious and non-contentious matters across this area:

  • all types of companies, LLPs, general partnerships, joint ventures;
  • directors’ duties and liabilities, breaches of fiduciary duties and directors’ disqualification;
  • board appointments and removals;
  • the conduct of general meetings and board meetings;
  • remedying records at Companies House and/or correcting defective corporate transactions;
  • shareholders’ and members’ rights and remedies;
  • returns and reductions of capital;
  • unlawful distributions of capital and unlawful dividends;
  • securities and asset recovery;
  • corporate insolvency;
  • administration and schemes of arrangement;
  • dissolution and restoration.

She regularly appears before the High Court (especially the Companies Court) in corporate, partnership and commercial matters (often unled) and has experience in international arbitration. These matters include offshore claims in the BVI as well as other jurisdictions.

Daria’s practice has a strong emphasis on high stakes civil fraud and insolvency matters, which often overlap with company and partnership law matters. Daria also has experience of companies and partnerships in wide range of sectors including energy, transport, construction, property, biotech, health services, consultancy, advertising, manufacturing, sport, legal services and IT.

Daria’s notable cases in this practice area include:

  • Mr Shams v (1) Mr Healy; (2) Mr Pattihis; (3) Mr Skinner; (4) Ms Kkoshi; (5) Mr Taylor; (6) Mr Davis; (7) Mr Bailey; (8) Healys LLP [2020, ongoing, Companies Court]: appearing for the petitioner in an unfair prejudice claim brought by one of the partners in a law firm against the others and a counterclaim by the latter and the LLP. The firm’s worth is estimated at £8 million. Allegations include failing to distribute profits, exclusion from management, failing to provide adequate information to members, failing to keep proper accounts and misrepresenting the financial position of the LLP. The respondents counterclaim for misappropriation of confidential information and of payments and commissions as well as diversion of business away from the LLP. Daria has advised and represented the petitioner throughout, including in numerous interim applications, and successfully resisted an application to strike out a Part 8 claim for information.
  • Worsley v (1) Mr Gould; (2) Gas Monkeys Ltd; (3) Drop the Hammer Ltd; (4) Mrs Gould [2021, ongoing, Companies Court]: appearing for the respondents to an unfair prejudice petition concerning a company with an estimated value of more than £5 million. The petition was issued by one of the directors against the other, his wife and against a company controlled by the responding director and his wife. Allegations include breach of fiduciary duties, creating fraudulent invoices and documents, misappropriating assets and funds from the company, deliberately diverting business from one company to the other, failing to avoid conflicts of interest and assistance/collusion in the above.
  • Re a property-holding company [2022, ongoing]: advising the board of a company holding a high value property in central London in respect of the company’s bank accounts being blocked as a result of one of the directors being missing since 1987 (which the bank only recently discovered). Daria has considered the 1948 model articles adopted by this company and the historical background and advised on the steps required to remove the director and unfreeze the account.
  • Re a Company [2022, ongoing, Companies Court]: advising the shareholder and director of a company providing education and tutoring services in respect of a potential unfair prejudice petition, derivative claim and placing the (profitable) company into administration to remove it from the control of the hostile director and successfully representing the client in respect of winding-up proceedings.
  • Re a Company [2021-2022, Companies Court]: advising and representing the defendants in a derivative claim and associated counterclaim concerning a company used as the vehicle for a multimillion joint venture to develop land. The allegations concerned diversion of business and funds by the defendants to other development projects and unlawfully pressuring the defendants into distributing dividends where there were insufficient profits.
  • Re an LLP [2021, Companies Court]: representing a well-known high-net-worth individual in an application to rectify the register of persons with significant control over an LLP owned by a company registered in Belize and by an individual in Russian-controlled Ukraine in order to remove references to Daria’s client from the register. Daria advised on the procedure (made more complex as all relevant parties were based abroad) and successfully obtained the order.
  • Heritage SGH (Silverwood) LLP v (1) LGCT International Ltd; (2) Mr Wilson [2020-2021, Ch Div]: representing the defendants in a commercial dispute with ancillary winding-up proceedings concerning the purchase of a £12 million residential property in exchange for cryptocurrency traded on the defendant company’s platform. The purchase fell through after a cryptocurrency deposit was paid and the parties hotly debated the legal consequences of that transfer and whether the company had a duty to continue to trade the cryptocurrency for the claimant.
  • D v D [2020-2021]: representing third-party intervenors in financial remedy proceedings who were alleged to be holding company shares and properties (to the tune of some £1 million) on trust for the husband. Despite being instructed only 3 weeks before trial, Daria successfully represented the intervenors, obtaining costs for one of them on the indemnity basis. Daria was commended by the judge on her clear oral and written submissions.
  • Nosnehpetsj Ltd (in liquidation) v (1) Watersheds Partners Ltd; (2) Mr Buzzoni [2020] EWHC 1938 (Ch); [2020] EWHC 739 (Ch) (with David Lord KC): acting for the respondents to a claim by the liquidator alleging breach of fiduciary duties in respect of a transfer of ordinary shares, the redemption of preference shares, an alleged unlawful capital reduction and by causing various alleged loans to be made by the insolvent company to a connected company. Daria’s clients were successful on most issues, despite not being assisted by their oral evidence.
  • Re a partnership [2019-2020]: advising and preparing draft particulars of claim in respect of a high value strategic and environmental consultancy partnership dispute involving allegations of breach of fiduciary and good faith obligations in diverting business away from the partnership, as well as dishonest assistance and knowing receipt.
  • Revell v Carillion Construction Ltd (in liquidation) [2019, Companies Court]: a spin-off of the ongoing proceedings concerning the collapse of Carillion. Daria successfully represented the applicant in obtaining leave to start proceedings against Carillion, required because it is a company in liquidation.

Offshore & international

Daria has a growing international practice with a particular focus on offshore jurisdictions such as the BVI, the Seychelles, the Bahamas, the Channel Islands, Gibraltar, Hong Kong, Singapore and the US, as well as arbitration experience in Paris (ICC) and the Middle East. In this context she has experience in commercial litigation, civil fraud claims, company law, trusts and insolvency law.

Daria’s recent work in this area includes:

  • X v Y [2022, ongoing]: advising a Saudi company and preparing proceedings in England and Wales in respect of a joint venture concerning property development in Saudi Arabia.
  • Santina Ltd v Koopman Rare Art [2022] EWHC 3513 (Ch) (ongoing): advising and representing a company registered in the Seychelles with directors in the Bahamas and Switzerland in relation to an application for security for costs at first instance and on appeal and in relation to a worldwide freezing order.
  • Al Otaibi & others v Sloane International Developments 1 Ltd (BVI) & others [2020, ongoing, High Court, Ch. Div.]: acting as sole counsel for the defendants, including BVI defendants, to a claim for over £1 million brought by high-net-worth Saudis who invested in large London property developments sold by the first defendant, a BVI company. The claimants allege fraud, conspiracy and knowing receipt of trust monies by all defendants and seek to hold several individuals personally liable as directors and shadow directors. Daria successfully argued (unled against Andrew Bird KC) that the claim against the main BVI defendant should be stayed in favour of arbitration and that the claimants and their solicitors committed egregious breaches of their duty of full and frank disclosure in applying for permission to serve abroad. The proceedings concerned significant issues in respect of the status of a struck off BVI defendant when litigating abroad.
  • X v Y [2019, ongoing]: advising and representing BVI companies in respect of complex contractual claims in proceedings in England & Wales, arbitration in Dubai and cross-border enforcement.
  • Re a Company [2021]: acting for the administrators of a company based in Gibraltar applying to extend the period of administration in England and Wales.
  • BB, CC, DD etc v Al Khayyat & Doha Bank [2019, ongoing, High Court]: advising, drafting proceedings, and representing Syrian refugees in respect of a claim for loss and damage suffered as a result of terrorist attacks alleged to have been funded by Doha Bank and agents acting on instructions from the State of Qatar. Raises complex issues of international banking law and public international law.

Daria is due to speak at the Chancery Bar Conference in the BVI on 27 April 2023.

Daria has completed an advanced advocacy course in Florida, US (as the recipient of a competitive grant from the South Eastern Circuit) and is therefore closely acquainted with US court procedure and advocacy.

Daria has also obtained a qualifying degree in French law from Université Paris II (although she then chose not to sit the Bar examinations in France but return to England). She therefore has a solid grasp of French law.

Directory recommendations

Daria is recommended in Legal 500 for Company & Partnership: “Exceptionally hardworking, very bright and very strong on the law, Daria has very good attention to detail and is able to articulate the issues succinctly.”

Other cases of interest

Court of Appeal:

As a judicial assistant, Daria worked on the following notable cases:

  • Natt v Osman [2014] EWCA Civ 1520: validity of notice served under s 13 Leasehold Reform, Housing and Urban Development Act 1993
  • Aldermore Bank Plc v Rana [2015] EWCA Civ 1210: redemption of prior mortgage charges in a re-mortgaging transaction
  • Salford Estates (No2) Ltd v Altomart Ltd [2014] EWCA Civ 1408: stay of winding-up petition where debt subject to arbitration
  • Re Charterhouse Capital Limited [2015] EWCA Civ 536: whether the compulsory buy-out of a minority shareholder constituted unfairly prejudicial conduct under s 994 Companies Act 2006
  • Edenred (UK Group) Ltd v HM Treasury [2015] EWCA Civ 326: variation of contracts concluded through public procurement
  • Allied Fort Insurance Services Ltd v Ahmed [2015] EWCA Civ 841: appeal against summary judgment in a case involving breach of agency, breach of trust and fraudulent misrepresentation
  • BNY Mellon Corporate Trustee Services Ltd v LBG Capital No.1 Plc [2015] EWHC 1560 (Ch): contractual interpretation to determine whether a capital disqualification event occurred which would allow redeeming enhanced capital notes before their maturity dates
  • Arcadia Group Brands Ltd v Visa Inc [2015] EWCA Civ 883: limitation issues in a claim against credit and debit card scheme operators for alleged breaches of European and domestic competition law
  • Emerald Supplies Ltd v British Airways Plc [2015] EWCA Civ 1024: whether European Commission statements that either described or alluded to conduct which might infringe TFEU art.101 were disclosable in national courts
  • Robb v NCA [2014] EWHC 4384 (Ch): a discussion of the principles relevant to tracing proceeds of crime, including a variation of the Barlow Clowes method of tracing


Daria drafted the submissions on behalf of the Council of the European Union in the following cases, both of which were decided in the Council’s favour:

  • C‑19/13 Fastweb (public procurement)
  • Joined cases C-58/13 and C-59/13 Torresi (recognition of lawyers’ professional qualifications)

Other professional experience

2016-2019: Lawyer (employed barrister) in the Commercial and Common Law Team, Law Commission

  • Lead lawyer on the bills of sale reform: drafted the Goods Mortgages Bill with the accompanying consultation paper and explanatory report – advised, both on law and policy, on a vast array of substantive and procedural issues, including in relation to consumer credit, finance, bills of sale, all aspects of mortgage law (land, aviation, shipping mortgages), repossession procedures, personal property securities registers, partnerships, ownership and beneficial interests, conflicts of laws;
  • Lead lawyer on the reform of right to manage (RTM) and the regulation of managing agents: advised on codes of practice and regulation applicable to managing agents; currently advising on all aspects of RTM including leasehold, company law, insolvency, procedure pre‑ and post-acquisition, and options for reform;

Both projects above have involved close co-operation with government departments, co‑ordinating a team of lawyers and assistants and engaging with the media, both mainstream and legal;

  • Part time responsibility for laying the groundwork for two future projects on intermediated securities and summary procedures in arbitration – advising on the current law and liaising with stakeholders;
  • Other general responsibilities: managing and recruiting research assistants, seeking and negotiating new projects, attending and speaking at conferences.

2015-2016: Pupil, Quadrant Chambers

  • High value complex commercial litigation.
  • Areas of law: shipping (all types of charterparties, bills of lading), aviation, construction, energy, commodities, trade, financing and guarantees, general contract and tort law, fraud, agency, bailment, insurance, international arbitration, insolvency, competition law;
  • Drafting pleadings and legal advices for clients; attending court, arbitration hearings, client conferences, working with and cross-examining expert witnesses.

2014-2015: Judicial assistant to Sir Terence Etherton, Court of Appeal

  • Areas of law: commercial, chancery (esp. rectification, tracing), EU law, arbitration, banking and finance, company law, tax, statutory interpretation;
  • Preparing case notes, attending hearings, researching, suggesting corrections to draft judgments;
  • Discussing my opinion on the legal issues and merits of the cases with the Court of Appeal judges;
  • Assisting the Appeals Office with permission to appeal applications from litigants in person (areas of law: judicial review, landlord & tenant, mortgage, boundary disputes, fraud).

March to July 2013: Trainee in the Legal Service, Council of the European Union

  • Funded traineeship (competitive selection process, one of five places, from 4,000 applicants overall);
  • Areas of law: competition, state aids, public procurement, common market, tax and accounting;
  • Advising on the draft wording in proposed legislation, on the legislative powers of the Council and on the correct legal bases for proposed legislation; advising attendees at Council of Ministers meetings, at experts’ working groups and at trialogues between Council, Parliament and Commission on legal issues arising when drafting.

Jan and Feb 2013: Intern at the International Court of Arbitration, ICC

  • Assigned to the British and Commonwealth team, who are responsible for English and common law matters;
  • Attending weekly meetings of the Court and drafting memoranda for the Court – presentation of cases, choice of arbitrators, joinders, challenges of arbitrators, costs, awards;
  • Reviewing awards and suggesting corrections, applying ICC arbitration rules, researching procedural matters.

Awards & scholarships

  • South Eastern Circuit scholarship, 2019 Awarded to attend an advanced week-long advocacy course in Florida
  • Pro Bono Employed Barrister of the Year, 2018
  • Career Development Grant, Middle Temple, 2018
  • Award for outstanding performance, Law Commission, 2018 Awarded for overall performance on my projects
  • Special award for sustained excellent work, Law Commission, 2017 Awarded for my work on the Goods Mortgages Bill
  • Queen Mother Scholarship, Middle Temple, 2012 Middle Temple’s most prestigious Bar course scholarship
  • ‘Excellency Diploma’ and grant, Romanian Ministry of Education, 2008 Awarded for representing Romania abroad and obtaining prizes in multiple international academic competitions in Latin (awarded to 2 students nationwide)


  • Kaplan Law School, BPTC
  • Université Paris II Panthéon-Assas: LLM International Commercial Law & EU Law (first, graduated first in my year)
  • University College London: LLB (Hons) Law with French Law
  • Université Paris II Panthéon-Assas, Licence de droit français

University advocacy awards

  • Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot, Vienna, 2013-2014 selected and trained by Stewart Boyd QC and Lord Hacking to represent Middle Temple
  • Winner, Francis Taylor Building’s Kingsland Cup, 2013-2014 final before Lord Carnwath in the Supreme Court
  • Winner, international and regional finals, EU Law Moot Court, 2012-2013 hundreds of teams participating, grand final before the CJEU in Luxembourg
  • Finalist, ECHR Moot (EHRMCC), 2012-2013 120 teams, final before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg
  • Finalist, International Debate Association’s Global Debate & Public Policy Challenge 2012-2013 Prize of €10,000. I wrote two policy memos on the censorship of media during riots and was one of 12 finalists (out of 100s of submissions), but could not attend the final due to work.
  • Quarter-Finalist, Jessup Moot, 2012
  • Finalist, London Universities Mooting Shield (LUMS), 2011-2012 first place in the team rankings, Best Advocate in two rounds
  • Second place, international finals, International Mediation Competition, ICC Paris, 2010-2011 the most prestigious competition on commercial negotiations, hundreds of teams worldwide
  • Second Place, French National Finals (Tournoi des débats des Grandes Ecoles), 2010-2011 final in the lower chamber of the French Parliament, before an audience of 400 people
  • Winner, Oxford French Law Moot (in French), 2010 final judged by the President of the 2nd Chamber of the Cour de Cassation


  • French: fluent and able to accept instructions/work in French
  • Romanian: fluent
  • Italian: conversational
  • German: basic


  • South Eastern Circuit
  • Middle Temple
  • Advocate/Bar Pro Bono Unit
  • Female Fraud Forum


While at the Law Commission, Daria contributed to and led on the following publications:

  • Leasehold Home Ownership: exercising the right to manage (available here)
  • From Bills of Sale to Goods Mortgages (available here)
  • Goods Mortgages Bill: response to consultation and update on current draft bill (available here)
  • Replacing bills of sale:  a new Goods Mortgages Bill consultation on draft clauses (available here)


Daria is available to provide talks and seminars on her areas of expertise upon request.

Personal interests

Opera, classical music, theatre, world literature, tennis, dancing.